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Testimonials / Monsoon Nectar Tripadvisor Reviews

Things To Do In Sedona Arizona: Reviews and Testimonials for Monsoon Nectar and Marna Woo : Yoga in Sedona, Chakra Activation Meditation Airbnb Experience, Facials, Hair Services, Bespoke Perfume Making.

Relaxing, meditative experience that brought on a true state of mindlessness. Thank you so much for this experience! For a first chakra balancing I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can’t remember the last time I dropped into a meditative state that seamlessly. I look forward to my next visit.
Justin Bridges, Atlanta, GA. July 5, 2022

Marna was very receptive to my needs and I sensed her passion for the work. I appreciate her efforts to connect with me and make this experience soulful and peaceful. You are a delight, Marna!
Marie Hurst June 29, 2022

I booked my appointment with Marna but my plans changed because we were leaving Sedona a day earlier than planned. I asked her if I could possibly move my appointment as I had already missed the cancelation deadline. She was very accommodating to my request. When I arrived for the appointment, I was very impressed with her professional "studio". Marna was a very gentle and calming person. She guided me into the experience very smoothly and explained everything. I learned so much during the experience, I will take some of what I have learned and incorporate it into my daily practice. I also had and amazing meditation session, so relaxing that it was really an "out of body" experience. I would definitely recommend her and will return when I visit Sedona again.
Hollye Schramm, Randolph, NJ  March 19, 2022

My partner & I had a joint session with Marnie, and it was fantastic. We were looking for an experience like this to enhance our stay in Sedona, & it was the perfect way to end our stay. My partner had limited experience with meditation before our experience, & he especially liked how she tailored the experience for us & walked us though each step. We were definitely walking to lunch still buzzing from the experience. Thank you, Marnie!
Nicole Genovese, Somerville, MA. March 9, 2022

Amazing experience! My boyfriend and I went in together and loved it. Marna is knowledgeable and has a very calming presence. We learned some techniques to continue practicing and plan on coming back the next time we visit Sedona.
Lindsay Drillette, Fort Worth, TX. March 6, 2022

My husband and I did a couples chakra experience and we absolutely loved it. It was his first time doing meditation, and he’s hooked based on Marna’s methods. We both left feeling recentered and rejuvenated. I highly recommend any experience Marna offers! Erik and I really really enjoyed our time with you. We arrived home to Chicago on Tuesday, and we are still talking about how great your experience was. Thank you!!
Kelly Elliott, Chicago, IL. February 25,2022

WOW! I have a very active mind so I didn't think it would really work. OMG...the first time I've had a calm mind. very great experience! if I lived here I would definitely be a regular. very nice and welcoming. I felt very relaxed! definitely recommend! Thank you so much! I learned so much!
Jacqueline Holder, Cary, NC. September 15, 2021

Did the chakra balancing with Ms Woo that was fabulous and relaxing! I highly recommend!
Jeff Skinner, United States. August 12, 2021

I am very new to meditation and barely know what chakras mean. But being in Sedona I had to do something spiritual. I booked Marna’s session the night prior and it was way better then I expected. I never was able to properly do meditation, I just thought I don’t know how and that it is not for me. This time it was MAGICAL! I loved every single second of it. Also Marna has amazing line of product she makes in Sedona, so I bought tons of gifts right at her studio for my friends. She is extremely welcoming and you will feel just right there. Absolutely add to your itinerary while in Sedona. Thank you for wonderful experience ❤️
Yulia Sunny, Miami, FL. July 7 2021

Very relaxing environment and Marina is a calming soul! Highly recommend for anyone who is new to meditation or an expert! Her line of aromatherapy is wonderful too.
Colleen Chapman, Bellingham, WA. June 30, 2021

My facial with Marnie was delightful. Thank you, what a lovely birthday gift!
P. H.     May 3rd 2019

My Chakra Balancing facial was just the perfect piece of pampering I needed to relax into the energy of Sedona and release my busy work life. Marnie was amazing.
G. Hastings     April 2, 2019

I'm still raving about my chakra balancing facial and Marnie’s amazing meditative voice.  It was a total treat.
J. D.      Jan. 4, 2019

I really enjoyed meeting Marnie and just loved her energy.  The chakra balancing facial was so relaxing and heavenly that I just drifted off.
W. Leung     Nov. 8, 2018

I loved my time with Marnie and have realized that self care and body work for me needs to be soothing pleasurable and gentle which Marnie certainly was.   I loved the oils so much that I had to buy some!
B. Keita      Oct. 13, 2018

I loved my Chakra Restorative Yoga session with Marnie.  I feel that yoga connects me with peace and I will start a regular practice when I go home.”
Laurie Zurro   Sept. 27, 2018

My time with Marnie was just the pampering I needed.  I was lost in Marnie’s beautiful voice and loved the oils and the chakra meditation and the facial was amazing.
RoseAnna Dutro      Sept. 11, 2018

I loved my Chakra Balancing Facial with Marnie. The facial was great, and the best part was that she really took time to explain more about the chakras.”
Hillary Cathay     April 20, 2018

Chakra Balancing Facial experience was wonderful and awesome and I got a nourishing cream.  She did  a chakra clearing with essential oils for opening the heart.  The facial  moisturizing was awesome.
Danesh Gill  April 14, 2018

“Saving Grace” Reviewed April 16, 2015
My husband suffers (well not so much anymore) with blistering scorisis (not sure of the spelling). While on vacation in Sedona, AZ with my sister I purchased some Monsoon Nectar I thought what the heck it can't hurt he has tried everything else. To our "saving grace" this has helped in reducing the outbreaks as well as the severity. I won't go without it not only for him but for me too. I look forward to using it morning and night.
Thanks for such a great product.
Florence Bramlett     Tucson, AZ

“Nectar of the gods!” Reviewed April 15, 2015 
I have used monsoon nectar products solidly for at least 10 years now. I swear by it. Nube makes me smile just thinking about cleansing my face. Massaging in that rich moisture while breathing in deeply the intoxicating aromatherapy, I can feel my soul healing from the light cuddle of essencial oils. Healing not only my skin but lowering my stress levels, rekindling my immune system, boosting my energy, intestinal distress relief and brain function! Can you ask for more of a magical product? Plus my skin has never looked better. Not only a line of all natural skin care, but a daily dose of healing light. I trust and love Monsoon Nectar.
Peacefulriverliving, San Diego

“products offered by Monsoon Nectar” Reviewed March 25, 2015
I have experienced positive results with Monsoon Nectar products...reduced bumps/scars on my face and lessened duration and faster healing of a "cold sore"!
Jeanne Chapman

Several weeks ago I was in Bisbee and purchased Green Tea Nectar Lip & Eye Balm. I was amazed and delighted with how my lips and the skin around my eyes responded so quickly to your wonderful product. On a whim, I smoothed it across my cheeks and nose, where I had been enduring a frustrating outbreak of (possibly) rosecea for months. Within a couple hours the redness was gone and after several more applications within 24 hours my skin was clear and soft and bump free! WOW!! I've since become a forever fan of your Green Tea Nectar Body Balm and am enjoying the Sampler, mineral bath booster and Neutral Nectar Beauty Bar (many thanks for the sample!). I truly appreciate the natural, green goodness in your products and look forward to placing another order in the near future! PS: Thank you for shipping 100% recyclable!!
Claudia Post, Vashon Island, Washington

Yesterday I put on your balm before I went to work and had used it a few times earlier in the day. I had a long Dr. Nielsen day again with ten operations and my hands usually get a bright red burning rash that lasts for DAYS, but not yesterday! You saved my hands! (usually, I am dealing with sore burning hands for days after a long Friday with lots of operations! I am not suffering this weekend. Nothing! I am a believer in your product!
Kathy Lorenson, Tucson Orthopedic Institute

I had dry skin on my eyelids which created a little flakiness that I couldn’t clear up. Then I smoothed the Monsoon Lip and Eye Balm on each night. I was amazed at how quickly I saw a difference. I awaken now to smooth skin around my eyes; they’re more youthful!
Laura, Saint Charles, Missouri

I wanted to tell you the eye and lip balm stick I ordered from you is amazing. 
I keep in my purse and take it everywhere!

I always use a Chakra Aroma Antiox Moisturizer right before I apply self-tanner to my body. I've been using self-tanners for years and this is absolutely the best way to start to make sure the tanner doesn't streak.
Marilyn Scherrer, Saint Louis, Missouri

While in Colorado on vacation last year, my lips became extremely dry. I began using my Monsoon Lip Balm and, of course, my lips healed and became moisturized again. Living in Arizona, lip balm and moisturizers are a necessity in my life. I'm glad for the wonderful green tea extract and other natural ingredients used in the Monsoon products!

OMG, I look more and more like Marna Woo everyday I use the products!!!  Seriously, they are the most sensuous, aromatic products, I feel like I have visited an exotic place every time I use an oil. Can't wait to experience the complete "package".

On a bad day, my hair looks like a cross between Bob Dylan and Albert Einstein (shorter, uglier, just as unruly.) Not so when I use my Chakra Aroma Antiox Moisturizer! I massage it in for a few minutes after shampooing, and I am - or at least my hair is- "lookin good".
Jan Doran, winter snowbird in Bisbee

While in Bisbee I purchased some of your cardamom and vanilla lip/eye balm. It is fantastic. My new favorite and it is very healing.

I’ve had Rosecea for years and tried many prescriptions with no long term satisfaction.  About two months ago, I tried Madagascar Cleanser on all my troublesome spots (bumps, some with whiteheads).  I smoothed on Nube High Desert Defense  Nectar for the night and  was greatly surprised at my smooth skin the next morning.  I repeated this process after 3 days and continued that way for a week. Then I looked so good I let it go. Today I had another bump so I’m going back to the regimen.  I’m sure if I had  continued cleansing and moisturizing regularly, I would not have had another outbreak.
Fritzy,  St. Louis

I have to give you a wonderful product testimony. My skin was a mess when I saw you. Dry, patchy, deep lines from lack of sleep and all that hormone crap. Since just using your toner and the nectar for the last week or so, my face has "woken up" for want of better words. The breakouts are gone, and a baby-skin softness has returned!
Tamara,  AZ

Hey! Leaving Sedona tomorrow, but wanted to see if you had any of your products around town I've been using the body butter on my face and it's better than my Estée Lauder...
Heather Davis

I just found my favorite Monsoon products, Egypto and Green Tea Mask. My face is going to be extra happy!
Paula Bohte

I adore the aroma of the Cascada!
Linda McCrady

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