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Monsoon Nectar Sedona Skin Care

The fern is one of the oldest living plants, first discovered 360 million years ago. A fiddlehead busting through cracked earth, this is the image of renewal, the image of Monsoon Nectar. From what seems dried up and lifeless, a fiddlehead unfolds.

Monsoon Nectar skin care is a non toxic, 100% natural and organic, cruelty free skin care line created for health and hygiene. Each product is multi-purpose and can be used in conjunction with another product in the line for a simple and affordable, preventative and repairing system of taking care of your skin, body, and hair. The essential oils and botanicals come from all over the world and the NECTARS are hand made in small batch formulas by our manufacturer in the Southwest United States. We use minimal, low impact packaging made from recyclable containers and our shipping materials are recycled as well.

More than just skin care, MONSOON NECTAR is a lifestyle.

A skin care line based on natural and organic, high quality ingredients, essential oils, and botanicals to nourish the skin.  No water added, potent formulations go beyond aromatherapy to repair and prevent premature aging and support healthy immune function of the body.

Formulated with sensitive, reactive skin in mind, the products are comfortable for all skin types and are affordable to maintain as a daily skin regimen.

Going GREEN. Cleaning up the planet starts with detoxifying yourself and your personal hygiene. The products that we use in our homes are a healthy, easy way to support the The New GREEN Deal; from the food we buy to the toiletries that we use. Supporting businesses that are providing these natural products keep are more essential now than ever and casts a political vote with your choice.

SKIN 101 Everything you wanted to know about skin function.

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